The purpose of this site is to encourage appropriate design and materials for self-help projects in the developing world.

Patti Stouter


Mentored in earthbag building by Owen Geiger and Kelly Hart of, and in architectural design by Greg Hammill and Ken Strong of Wycliffe Associates.

Received landscape architecture licenses in Connecticut and NY.

Studied painting at Pratt Institute and landscape architecture at City College in NY City.


Married to builder and inventor Bruce Stouter. Patti has been involved in site and building plans and some labor for his small construction business for at least 20 years. 

Since 2007 Patti has worked full-time as a volunteer designer on aid and self-help projects in different parts of the world.

Arabic style earthbag house.

God has gifted me with a love of other cultures and of building design in order to have the privilege of assisting people in need to build. 

My lack of formal engineering or architectural training allows me to understand the perspective of small owner/ builders who do most of  the 'development' in the developing world.

Although I understand the perspective of designers, past experience with home education also gives me a commitment to making safe building techniques understandable to those with skills and determination but little or no formal higher education.

Below: Site plan of RFIS school, Cameroon

Portfolio and Information

Power point introduction to 2010- 2011 work in Haiti


Curriculum vitae

School in Cameroon.
Same building under construction.

Top and above: High school science building, RFIS, Cameroon

Above right: Playground concept for Brazil

Below, right, and below left: Earthbag self-help housing models

Adjust plan to fit the culture.
3 school modules shape a court.

Above: Alternate arrangement for schoolroom module 

Haitian earthbag school with base plaster.


Patti Stouter

2909 La Camila Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111


Playground design.
Asian style earthbag building.
Earthbag park building, KY.

Above: Earthbag test building, Kentucky

Newsletter Archive

October 2010   Two page newsletter about earthbag work spreading into Haiti.

Note: All plans and graphics by Patti Stouter.

Leogane, Haiti school photos by Matt Gunn featured at left and on 'Home' page center bottom.

Earthbag projects in Haiti, Dominica, India, and Jordan, used with permission from Earthbag Building.

Photos by Emma Bellamy and University of Cincinnati students at middle left on 'Home' page, and above.

Photos from Wikimedia used by permission: Banner on 'home' page- woman pouring soil by Claude Renault; Banner on 'Why Earth' page- Earth building by Bolobolo; Banner on 'Climate Info' page- Beds by Jugni, Belo- Washer woman by Ferdinand Reus, Earth building by Olivier Epron; Banner on 'Plans' page- Arabesque

Left: Reinforced earthbag school, Leogane, Haiti

Below right: School playground, Ethiopia

School site plan, Cameroon.
Elementary school playground.
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