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Building shape and orientation of kay.
Above: A Haitian Kay is a long narrow building with a galerie that faces the access path or road.

Below: This two classroom school building can be repeated with unreinforced walls between for storage or offices.
Dampening wall between 2 modules..

Free Building Plan pdfs in English & metric:


Transitional Shelter   A single web page or a 5 p. pdf

Haitian Kay House   A  single web page or a 13 p. pdf


Small Double Classroom Building    14 p. 22x 31 cm (8.5 x 11 inch)  pdf

These sketches of alternate styles to use for different cultures and climates may help you plan: Customize Your Small Double Classroom Building   7  p. 22x 31 cm (8.5 x 11 inch) pdf

These plans are schematic only.

For construction in medium and high seismic risk areas, hire a local engineer or architect to modify the design for your needs. They should evaluate the site's soil bearing capacity and size the footings, bond beam and support piers/ buttresses.

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